Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Seeing Green...

(green being the colour of finished shots on the shot list)

signed off on the night sky, hayley, good job.

as far as i can see the eyes are lookin good grace, i've checked off those shots now.

from lookin at the shots so far its obviouse we are gonna be doin alot of clour work tomorrow to tie it all together (that is not to say they are not lookin good as individual shots, just that when we put them together its aparent that the colours gonna vairy). but that hopefully wont take too long.


Night Sky Shot

I got something into video format so I hope this works. Here's the night sky shot. I did the evening sky one as well earlier on in the week but I'll save it for the show reel. I just wanted to share this one as after a whole day of screaming at computer and colour correcting at snail pace on other shots (Im so AE illiterate its not funny I know T_T) this is done enough to show. I painted the backing board also in this shot and arranged the twigs on a blue screen to photo. (For those who didn't see me cellotaping things artfully to a wall in the basement XD).


Good stuff everybody

hey dave here are 3 more shots with eyes what do you think?


Awesome, more shots...

looking good grace, have you played about with the colour correction?

for that scene and the boat scene, i forgot to tell everyone, not to do the whole dowm with red, up with blue malark, as its ment to be still light and around afternoon just before sunset. i haven't got a deffinate colour correction for this as i haven't done one of those scens yet (james might know i'll ask him), but i pressume it'll pretty much be up with red, play about with green, and down with blue, so as to create a warmer atmosphere.

yeah i've been trying a few other methods for the eyes, none of which are perfect, how did you do yours? The eyes move around a tiny bit but that'll probably do, tis hard to tell on shuch a small vid screen.

keep up the good work...

hey dave here u r check this....


i am finding the eyes difficult and my computer is so slow but iv done this and am working on others,what do you think Dave?i got your text earlyer i have done this but its not quite the way you showed me how because i cant seem to make my computer do it but im still trying! Grace